Monday, December 31, 2012

I made these Elf Houses for my youngest son's class for Christmas. I used the Snowman Soup concept and made a poem about Elf Soup :

On Christmas Eve it's hard to sleep,
Santa won't come if he hears a peep!
So here's some elf soup,
complete with goodnight kisses.
Pour the packet in a mug and dream
of Christmas wishes!
There's some magic elf dust and soft elf pillows too!
Stir it with my peppermint wand, I left it there for you!
Enjoy, and sip it slowly, and soon before you know,
Santa will be leaving with a
"Merry Christmas, HO! HO! HO! "

The soup is an envelope of hot chocolate of course.
The "kisses" are red and green chocolate chips. I used  peppermint marshmallows for the elf pillows. I used a red and green peppermint stick  as his wand, I put some red and green sprinkles in
the mix for the magic elf  dust. You can fit a plastic Christmas cup inside or a mug, but I stamped on an flameless candle and put it inside.

I cut the house using the Sweet Tooth Cricut cartridge. The paper is Believe from Close to My Heart. The tag was cut using CTMH Art Philosophy and stamped using CTMH's  "Merry Pursuits" and "Coffee Shop".  The chair on the side is from CTMH's " Chairs to You". The tree on the other  side is cut with "Paper Dolls Dress Up".

It was a very detailed and involved project, being that I had to do 24 for his class and another 18 for my mom's class that she helps with. The kids loved it though.
As promised, here are the pictures and details of my Christmas Candy Bouquet. Again, this was an office gift for my son's school. I used Close to My Heart paper "Believe" and some papers from my local craft store. I cut the snowmen using my Cricut and the Snow Friends cartridge. LOVE this cartridge. It has been discontinued, but is available digitally. "Happy Holidays" is cut out from the "Cake Basics" cartridge.  I used the miniature candy bars and peanut butter cups. I also used the Christmas Hershey Kisses and some chocolate bells. The inside of the vase is filled with peppermint candies.  I'm not big on giving home baked goods out, so I bought some cookies, packaged them in cellophane and taped them to cake pop sticks. The tubed snowmen are wrapped around LifeSavers, and Mentos. I used Close to My Heart's "All Decked Out" stamp set. The hats are made from the fingertips of kid sized gloves. This idea came from a fellow consultant  Caron Benard:

Candy Bouquets
I'm finally back! Sorry it's taken so long to get back to my blog. I've been bombarded with computer problems, then learning how to use a new computer (Windows 8) then came birthdays, and! Below are some of the items I've been working on. The first set of picture are of a candy bouquet that I made for my son's 5th grade graduation. The next bouquet is for my other son's 3rd grade program. I don't usually do bouquets for their school programs, but he was a bit jealous of the graduation bouquet for his The last bouquet is a Christmas bouquet that I did for my son's school office staff. I'll post better pictures and details  of that one along with my Christmas projects. Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


 The new Idea Book is here! I'm so excited about the home decor items, the paper, the stamps, and most of all...A NEW CRICUT CARTRIDGE!!!  It's called "Artiste". There are so many 3D boxes and images on this cartridge! Great for making gifts, party items and home decor items. OH! We also have new markers. They are alcohol based. They haven't been released yet, but I'm thinking they would be similar to Copics. They are not refillable though.  If you would like to view the new Idea Book online, go to my website. If you would like an actual catalog, email me.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Family Themed Mini Album Workshop

Next Month I will be offering a Mini Album Workshop for California. We will be using the Florentine paperpack and Stickease, along with CTMH stamps and the AP Cricut cartridge. I will post the inside of the album after the workshop. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday Card Workshop

These cards are from my Birthday Card Workshop. There are 24 of them. I used various paperpacks and stamp sets from Close to My Heart. I used the Close to My Heart AP Cricut Cartridge to create and decorate most of the cards. It was a lot of hard work, but I really loved creating these cards! Enjoy!

*I have a few kits left. If you are interested, email me for   

I got the idea of the "Bra Card" from a fellow consultant, Tracey Saunders. Her blog is When I saw hers,  I decided to make it as a birthday card and have it open up to a sagging chest and a not so flattering bra. It still makes me giggle. Hope you enjoy my sense of humor!
Bra Card Outside

Bra Card Inside

Sending Birthday Wishes-Outside

Sending Birthday Wishes -Inside

With Age Comes Wisdom...INSIDE: You're the wisest one I know, Happy Birthday

Make a Wish - with Skittles 

Die Cut card Happy Birthday! 

Look Who's Turning....
A true friend remembers your birthday...but not your age.

Wishing you a Super Birthday! 

Hip Hip HOORAY    INSIDE:  It's Your Birthday!

The Party Starts Now!

Happy Birthday To you (Outside)

Happy Birthday To You (Inside)
Celebrate...INSIDE: It's your Birthday!
OUTSIDE: BLANK, INSIDE: Sending you Birthday Wishes...that are wrapped up in love.
Celebrate today INSIDE: It's your Birthday!

What a Wonderful World...INSIDE:  because you're in it ...Happy Birthday!
Ice Cream pull out card 
This card was inspired by a fellow consultant, but I can't locate her name. 
If any of you know CTMH consultants know who it is please let me know and I will post it. 
I used this concept to create the cupcake, gift box, and the birthday cake.These are great for gift cards.

Cupcake Card

My daughter insisted that I make a cupcake. 

Cupcake Card pulled out

Gift Box
Gift Box pulled out
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake pulled out

"I Scream" and "Cake" storefront cards
These were inspired by a you tube video I saw by Diana Gibbs
The inside of the I scream one says "Hip Hip Hooray it's your Birthday"and the Inside of the bakery simply says Happy Birthday. 

Over the hill?....INSIDE: I don't remember a hill.. Happy Birthday! 

Female and Male pendant cards

Inside, the female card says "Happy Birthday and the Male card says "it's your birthday."

Monday, June 25, 2012

This is my second attempt to start a blog. I must first give a shout out to two wonderful ladies. Thanks you Tammy Wilson for helping me set up this blog. You are very patient and kind. Tammy is listed as a follower of my blog. Tammy is a talented interior decorator. Please go check out her blog when you get a chance. She's a follower and her blog is Beatrice Banks.

I've been very busy these last few months creating workshops for my group out in California. I lived there at one  time and started up a Hostess Club. Six years later and they are still going strong! Thank you Melissa for hosting the clubs since I have moved.