Monday, December 31, 2012

I made these Elf Houses for my youngest son's class for Christmas. I used the Snowman Soup concept and made a poem about Elf Soup :

On Christmas Eve it's hard to sleep,
Santa won't come if he hears a peep!
So here's some elf soup,
complete with goodnight kisses.
Pour the packet in a mug and dream
of Christmas wishes!
There's some magic elf dust and soft elf pillows too!
Stir it with my peppermint wand, I left it there for you!
Enjoy, and sip it slowly, and soon before you know,
Santa will be leaving with a
"Merry Christmas, HO! HO! HO! "

The soup is an envelope of hot chocolate of course.
The "kisses" are red and green chocolate chips. I used  peppermint marshmallows for the elf pillows. I used a red and green peppermint stick  as his wand, I put some red and green sprinkles in
the mix for the magic elf  dust. You can fit a plastic Christmas cup inside or a mug, but I stamped on an flameless candle and put it inside.

I cut the house using the Sweet Tooth Cricut cartridge. The paper is Believe from Close to My Heart. The tag was cut using CTMH Art Philosophy and stamped using CTMH's  "Merry Pursuits" and "Coffee Shop".  The chair on the side is from CTMH's " Chairs to You". The tree on the other  side is cut with "Paper Dolls Dress Up".

It was a very detailed and involved project, being that I had to do 24 for his class and another 18 for my mom's class that she helps with. The kids loved it though.

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